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Hand Crafted Bespoke Furniture

Individual pieces custom-made for you... we create and build custom furniture specifically to fit your space and concept.

Northside Bespoke Furniture produce high quality, bespoke and sustainable furniture. As a small, family business we personally see every project through each stage; from the design consultation and timber/material selection, to constructing the final item and delivery. Our ethos is to produce the highest quality furniture that is sustainable not only through material selection, but by creating furniture that lasts and can be passed on through generations.


We create our new brand - Northside Interiors

Bespoke furniture is an investment, and we’ll build yours to last, and look good, for many years to come. View some of our projects here.

Every piece is individually hand-built to order by our own skilled and local carpenters and frame-makers. We can work with your specifications, style and desire to create a piece that is perfect for you and your home. We create each piece in our Manchester based workshop using a range of sustainably sourced timbers and materials... and a craftsman’s eye for detail.


Our goal is simple: a beautiful end result that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations


To focus on providing exceptional bespoke furniture pieces while building long-term relationships with clients

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We offer a completly free, no obligation consultation service for each client for each of our our bespoke furniture projects...